Annie Goat Milk Soap

Annie Goat Soap is handcrafted using pure ingredients and thoughtful scenting, formulated using raw goat milk from our small farm in Texas. Our soaps are rustic and rough-hewn, making them uniquely imperfect in appearance. Blended in small batches, we believe in handling the soap as little as possible, so after cutting and curing, they are wrapped in their own 100% cotton muslin bag, arriving to you, ready to get to work cleaning your skin!

Whether you want a soap that has extra-scrubby ingredients to help clean off the grime of a hard day, or you’re looking for something gentle enough to be used sink-side for a quick hand-wash, we know you’ll find a soap that suits your cleansing needs. Annie Goat Soap is made to clean your skin without drying it out, and every single bar has goat milk from right here on our small farm. Buy for yourself or for that special someone!

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