Raw Goat Milk for Dogs & Cats

Please Note: We do not ship milk to customers. Orders can only be allowed for customers who are able to pick up from our location in Lake County, Illinois.

If you’re looking for a wonderful and nutritious treat for your dog or cat, our Raw Goat Milk is just the ticket!

What’s the big deal about raw goat milk? It contains probiotics, fatty acids, important vitamins and minerals, plus helps your pet get the moisture in their diet that they could be missing. Supplementing your pet’s diet with goat milk might help aid their digestion, lessen inflammatory issues in their intestinal wall, and provide a good energy source, as well help them better absorb the vital nutrients they need from their food.

We milk daily, and freeze the milk right away to maintain excellent freshness; simply thaw overnight and serve alone in a dish for your pet, or pour over their favorite kibble. Our dog Noah actually prefers the milk to be warmed slightly (90°F is perfect!). Our cat Nicky also prefers it warm 🙂

While goat milk is not meant to be a replacement food, it is the perfect addition to the quality feeding you already provide your pet.

Being a small farm business, we do our best to keep our prices as low as possible, so your pet can enjoy this incredibly beneficial supplement. Buying from us means you’re supporting our small farm and the goats and chickens that live here. It also means you’re keeping more resources directly in your community. We’re sure your pet will love this milk, and we hope you’ll make it a part of your feeding regimen.


Please Note: We do not ship milk. Orders are for customers in our immediate vicinity. (Lake Villa, Lake County, Illinois), or for those that are able to pickup from our farmstand.

  • When ordering online, use the Order Instructions Area to list a few times for pick up at our farmstand on Route 59 and Petite Lake Rd. in Lake Villa, IL
  • We will notify you when it’s set out for pick up; your order will be in our egg fridge, or just next to it (depending on the weather), with your name attached.
  • Orders should be picked up within an hour or so of notification; we don’t want your milk to thaw completely before you get it home!
  • Our Raw Goat milk is not pasteurized, and is not meant for human consumption
  • Our Raw Goat Milk is licensed annually for pet use by the Illinois Department of Agriculture
  • Our Guaranteed Analysis provides you with the confidence that our milk has been lab-reviewed for its crude protein, fat and fiber, as well as its moisture content
  • For Wholesale Orders, please contact us for special pricing
Jug Size

Half Gallon/64oz/1.89l, Pint/16oz/473ml, Quart/32oz/946ml

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  1. Cristyn Kwapniewski

  2. Cristyn Lambert-kwapniewski

    My dogs love the goats milk and I love that it’s local!

  3. Robert P.

    our dogs love goat milk

  4. Dianna Passarelli

  5. Jennifer R.

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